Metal Magnetic Memory Method

22 - 23 May | Prague, Czech Republic

3rd Int. Conference on Diagnostics of Structures and Components using Metal Magnetic Memory Method

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Ing. Eva Svobodová
Mobile phone +420 725 818 772

Abstracts and papers



  • Totals of development of the metal magnetic memory (MMM) method in Europe, Russia and other countries
  • Physical bases of the MMM method. Experimental research of the physical-mechanical properties of metal using the MMM method
  • Inspection of machine-building products quality by structural inhomogeneity and residual stresses
  • Experience in the use of the MMM method at inspection and lifetime assessment of pipelines, structures and components. Metal limiting state criteria at assessment of residual lifetime
  • Non-contact diagnostics based on the MMM method of buried pipelines
  • Personnel training on the MMM method and training in the field of stress-strain state testing and engineering diagnostics
  • Meeting of the ICNDT MMM Specialist International Group
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