10. - 11. Oct. 2013 in Zagreb

Croatian Society of Non-Destructive Testing, CrSNDT, is celebrating 50 years of permanent activity in promoting and supporting R&D and implementation of Non-destructive testing (NDT) and Technical Diagnostic, NDT TD. The year 1963 is accepted as a year of CrSNDT came into being.

During this year the specialists have been started in gathering with the exchange of early experience in NDT methods, mostly in radiographic and ultrasonic testing. Year 1964. is the year when Croatian Society of Non-Destructive Testing, (CrSNDT) was officialy presented to industry and wider as an association of experts in the field of non-destructive testing primarily from the metal industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, civil engineering and petroleum products industry devoting themselves to encourage R&D on NDT.

Extra strong incentive to the activities in CrSNDT came from the need in Training and Qualification of NDT personnel involved in quality control of nuclear power plant that Croatia and Slovenia built in Krško.