Numerical Analysis of Weldability

23.-26. September 2018 | Castle Seggau, Austria

The seminar is organized by the Institute for Materials Science, Joining and Forming (IMAT) at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in Austria.

Scope and Relevant Topics

With the 12th International Seminar „Numerical Analysis of Weldability“, a tradition of successful meetings will be continued. Since the first of these events in 1991, this seminar series has developed to be a world leading conference in the growing field of the development of methods for predicting the microstructure and properties of welds. It is both, of practical importance and academic interest and it supports the philosophy of computer modelling, which helps to optimise welding processes and consumables as well as the service behaviour of welded components. Leading experts in this field attend the seminar and present their latest results in the calm atmosphere of an ancient castle.
The seminar is organized by the Institute of Materials Science, Joining and Forming of Graz
University of Technology.
The following items (among others) of development and application of numerical analysis shall be discussed:
• Arc Welding, Melt Pool & Solidifi cation
• Microstructural Modelling in Weld Metal and Heat Affected Zone
• Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
• Residual Stresses and Distortion
• Cracking Phenomena & Hydrogen Effects
• Solid State and Friction Stir Welding
• Laser & Electron Beam Welding
• Special Joining Processes
• Modelling Tools and Computer Programs
• Additive Manufacturing


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