Contemporary NDT in Engineering

4-6 September 2017 St. Bernardin/Portoz, Solvenia

The aim of the 14th International Conference is to bring together colleagues from academia and industry in all novel NDT related research areas and applications.


Subject of the conference

  • Applications of non-destructive methods for constructions testing
  • Control of materials and constructions with various non-destructive testing of materials and constructions
  • Mathematical modelling in non-destructive testing
  •  Computer-aided methods for non-destructive examination of materials and constructions
  • Applications of various non-destructive methods for materials testing in manufacturing and operation
  • Automation of non-destructive testing of materials and products in mass production
  • Innovations in non-destructive testing techniques
  •  Evaluation in indications, reliability estimations and estimation of defect acceptability
  • Training, personnel qualification and certification for non-destructive testing
  • Facilities and equipment qualification and authorization of non-destructive testing
  • Standards and application of standards in the fields of non-destructive testing

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