International Ultrasonic Testing Online Conference 2021

01. - 30.11.2021

  • open access - online - on-demand
  • 1 to 30 November 2021

Open access and 24/7 on-demand

In 1996 visionary founder and CEO of, Rolf Diederichs, organized the first open access online event on 25 years later, the world is all about online events and is pleased to announce the "International Ultrasonic Testing Online Conference 2021 (UT-Online 2021)", which will take place open access and on-demand from 1 to 30 November 2021. Online events are all around and people nowadays might even feel tired and overwhelmed by the number of events they can attend. This is where the concept of 24/7 on-demand conferences still has untapped potential, also for the future.

"When we had our first online event in 1996 it was revolutionary, it was innovative. Finally, the potential of online events is being used", says Rolf Diederichs, founder and CEO of, "but if you ask me, there is a potential that is still not used: 24/7 non-livestream online events, which allow people to attend presentations based on their time schedule and interest. This is what I want to offer."

What does an online event on look like? builds its approach to events on the approach of the platform: open access, on-demand and with the aim to assure accessibility to as many people as possible. There are no charges for authors and for participants. In addition, pre-registration is voluntary. Finally, discourse and presentations are accessible over all days and weeks, rather than over a few hours only. This is a 24/7 event that people can attend and leave whenever they like.

Indeed, it is different to those virtual events people have been used to attending in the past two years. International virtual events often come with time zone issues and due to set dates and times they can even be a factor of stress. In addition, many virtual events experience technical glitches, often poor usability and more. aims to provide people with an opportunity to visit sessions, presentations and discussions based on their schedule and needs and to reduce any burden that might occur due to fees or required pre-registration.

International Ultrasonic Testing Online Conference 2021

UT-Online 2021 will take place from 1 to 30 November 2021 and is organised with the Ultrasound Institute at Kaunas University of Technology. The theme of the Conference will be “Novel methods and applications in ultrasonic testing”. Abstract submission is now open and is addressed to both academia and the industry. All submissions will be reviewed by a scientific committee.

For more information please visit the Conference Webpage:

Contact: (info(at)ndt(dot)net)