iddrg - Challenges in forming high strength sheets

12-15 June 2016, Linz

About Event:

The International Deep Drawing Research Group (IDDRG) was started in the late 1950s as an organization of national groups devoted to the study of sheet metal forming including forming processes, materials, formability issues, tooling, tribology and many other interesting aspects of sheet metal forming research and industrial practices.


The annual conference of the IDDRG is devoted to experimental and computational papers with industrial relevance that are presented by academic and industrial researchers.

The intent of the conference is to present new work that stimulates thinking and provides opportunities for informal discussion among researchers in sheet metal formability. Proceedings, both in written and in electronic form will be provided.


  • Lightweight Structures
  • Manufacturing Issues
  • Press Hardened Steels
  • Full and Small Scale Testing
  • Tribology
  • Material Models
  • Simulation
  • Springback Simulation Compensation


Melanie Baumgartner
ASMET, Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials
Franz-Josef- Str. 18, 8700 Leoben, Austria
Phone: +43 3842 402 2291+43 3842 402 2291+43 3842 402 22
Email:   iddrg2016(at)asmet(dot)at

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